Berry Strawberry Ice Cream w/ White Choco Chips


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hey guys so okay so it me again Arnie and as you promised another YouTube videos on sweet and of course i here with with of course my nice chap I glue you up ok so it somewhere here in the Philippines and since it is somewhere here in the Philippines we all want the perfect dessert well for us our perfect dessert is a really berry strawberry ice cream with white chocolate chips so here to demonstrate how to make such treat let now have I see girl ya going that looks delicious to me what do you think with that big chunk of strawberry over there I can see it more oh wow ok that enough chocolate chips now these delicious okay that was odd okay so here is our finished product here yeah so this is strawberry ice cream up with chocolate chips and of course i give the prick okay okay easy here new tummy hey where for instance why you up here mmm delicious ain it so there it is actually the perfect dessert for obviously everyone see mmm are you enjoying this thing oh hey let me try some too hold on don eat