Kulli Black Incan Corn


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hey guys this is sheri ann richerson from experimental home center calm and that is our core and you looking at and this is Jeffrey who weighs how tall are you about 510 he five ten and hello cord out there shades of seventh grade when I detasseled corn and when I was about four foot six and look down here look at those roots going all the way up the corn stock and this is on all the different corn out here are you having fun there Jeffrey now I not either but I believe what are we seeing what do you mean what wrong with it oh okay okay this is actually edible and it very very popular in Mexico okay yes it often grows on corn so I missing the ears as well yeah developing but yeah this I find very very interesting because you can see it it also putting out more roots at ground level and like I said this is not the only stock that doing it over here you can see yeah yeah well those are some few trucks over here so actually planted over there well no in it it bent in