Call of Duty Ghosts: uPick iPlay EP#20 LIVE. Remington Triple Battle Hind


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my god what going on guys today we have another you pick I play class setup requested by Raphael with the Remington r5 with the following perks and attachments the muzzle brake with the red dot sight stalker amplifier focus fully loaded and hardline if you guys have any suggestions for your class setups for your you Pig I play ideas please feel free to leave them in the comments section below with that said let get into this game play hey what going on guys welcome back to a little group of after the episode which outdoor go on the map tremor this classic requested by Fernando as you guys might have seen on the previous yoga prior to this game play where the way I pick up the honey badger just in case just in case I run out of bullets but nevermind late I didn live long enough witness that but I been playing out a lot about last and honestly have a play crowd like a feeling let me three day yesterday I can even play xbox cat for you without editing our last video come ready and now i feel like i can play ecology