Black and Mild - JAZZ "REVIEW"


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the black and milds jazz there we go we have black Mouth jazz I got a box to these so I didn pay you 79 cents got them from Gotham cigars yeah those guys are really cool over there check them out so yeah basic pack goes on get a little pipe you get a little pipe right there black a mile jazz 79 cent and then that uh really just about it you get to Surgeon General on there and that is that it for the pack design not much there at all so let go ahead and bust the cellophane off and see what happens these are the plastic tips by the way nice deep rich looking uh tobacco there I didn gonna focus there we go nice deep rich looking tobacco smells really good I can already smell it out of the package got a blunt style paper with a glue strip down the side yeah cellophane stuck oh man so the app mmm smells good smells like some kind of like it smells kind of fruity mmm it really strong strong stuff come off this I gonna hit and take it a take a drive pop