$700+ FULL FACE OF LUXURY MAKEUP | First Impressions


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hey guys welcome back today I going to be testing up a bunch of new luxury makeup a lot of these products I am going to be trying for the first time but it not quite a full face of first impressions because there was some items that you know I didn have a brand new luxury product to try I got all of my products laid out in front of me and we got like Javon Chi Chanel hourglass Charlotte Tilbury cleanup oh holy God over those products expensive I also kind of have a look I want to create in mind just based off of the types of products I have because I have a lot of cream products and things like that so I just gonna go for like a very bronzy glowy summer kind of vibe today it basically going to be a very expensive no makeup makeup look but before we get into it all products will be linked down below as always but let get started you guys see the little Corgi but oh he moving so the first product I going to try is this giovanna she mister radiant bronzer healthy glow gel