Jasen's Customs Hitbox semi review - Just showing I got one


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what going on YouTube it your boy robert davi bringing you another video and this video I showing you my latest acquisition this is a Jason customs Panzer hitbox 3 it is the Panzer fit case when the hitbox very image you can see there which is what I using lady nowadays is hitboxes my channel is dedicated to this tip is pretty nice man it got all metal base lots of buttons so we got a start select home we just have to have a set up on mine and then this switch right here a kind of turns off I believe the d pad or like these buttons here a little start the start and select buttons and things like that it turns that off this rocker switch is for right stick rice right stick at the top neutral or the middle is d pad and then bottomless left stick I leave it on d pad so I can a rocket like that black and then these can be pretty much like l3 r3 and touchpad click this this came with a plexi and I have some part for it but the plexi got broken because I was