UTG dc series tactical 34in gun case review


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what going on YouTube this is Kay Reese here today I got the UT g DC series tactical case this is a 34 inch case and it fits it for your assault rifle type weapons they are 15 s stuff like that this it not long enough for a long weapon if you have like a long hunting rifle like I do one of mine I got a 36 this case will not fit that rifle I have another utg case that I will review for y it all black but that what I have that one in I bought this case because I had my Smith Wesson M P 15 22 in a case that I wasn really too happy about didn really like the case and so I got this one for it and I want to go ahead and show it y let y check it out so I gonna go ahead and get this plastic off and get this thing open alright so we got this thing open and the end of it if you look at it it a little bit up it because when they had it in the box and they shipped it