What's In My Soccer Bag - April 2017


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hi ideas prejudices this is Michael Bradley hey I anxious hey hello I you sorta become sort of a function isn about and I talking with my friends that doctor com please good what up guys Josh from soccer reviews for you calm and it is that time of the month again what in my soccer bag for April 2017 now I know you guys enjoyed it what in my soccer bag series if you do be sure to support the video with like and I see a lot of you guys commenting asking for budget variations of what in my bag I done a few in the past but they were a long time ago I just want to let you guys know that I have more on the way very very soon so stay tuned to the channel subscribe if you aren already so you don miss them and again you enjoy the series support it with a like with that said what this series is all about for those that don know is highlighting all of the best products that I found myself using throughout the previous month not necessarily all at the same time but a