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there an old saying and it goes like this no expectations no disappointments Ted Danson made that saying I not gonna say he made it famous but he brought it to my attention via his character dr John Becker from the TV show with the title of the same name Becker but anyway the Michael Myers from that I came here today to talk to you about Becker he here to talk about the 1990 Stephen King film misery you know the Michael Myers phonetic seen this a million times he saw it for the first time back in January or February of 2007 that was the very first time and he laid eyes on this movie he heard about it before oh seven and he heard a story someone told him the story they said you know it about this guy that kidnapped by this woman that what they told the fanatic so when he heard that story he said to himself well if a guy is gonna be kidnapped by a woman if she not strong she must be hot well remember how earlier the Michael Myers phonetic told you no expectations no disappointments well again the universe