Other Half Double Dry Hopped Double Mosaic Dream Review - Ep. #943


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hey there guys today we have another review and this is a beer from other half I to thank will for this one so thank you so much this is double mosaic dream double IPA just reviewed it but this is the double dry hot version that they just released real excited to dig into this one and the interesting thing about this beer is that it double dry hot but they use Lupul in powder so you can have what hap SPRO from the vine you can turn those into fresh hops which is something like this here in the body users you turn those into pellets is what most places uses hop hop pellets and then you could also turn it into hop oil and then now we have roopam in powder so hop powder apparently just is a powder of made from hops without all that green matter that you get from the tops so really interesting definitely the first beer I had with hop powder so the beer comes in a medium gold color medium plus case on that let get rollin this one mmm bright kind of citrus notes uh but leaning mostly towards tropical