*NEW* Federal 22lr 325 round value pack


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what up everybody w11 too is coming at you I picked up this one box of 325 round value pack of 22 long rifle they had a whole end cap designated to these like my local Cabela 17 99 it pretty good deal for 25 rounds especially since they are the copper plated hollow points these went on sale online for eka bellows for 19 99 earlier this week I ordered a box but I going to cancel it because I picked up this box cheaper there are speculation that these might actually be automatch because of the because of the 325 round designation but they definitely the copper plated hollow points and I picked out how I brought this box out from the storage this is an old 325 wrong box that I got so as you can see the price has definitely changed this is probably from sometime in the 90s so I picked up that and then I picked up a little piece of rail from my hand guard and a QD mount and this one box of two to three because I had a spend 50 get 10 off right here so it was 48 dollars