2018 Pinnacle 38FLWS Front Living Windshield Luxury Fifth Wheel by Jayco RV


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14400 seventy pounds this is the new 37 front living windshield pinnacle here at Haley RV of Coldwater Michigan this is a slight update to the very popular 38 flsa that was out there the only real significant difference is just the inclusion of that windshield up front if you like to learn more about this such as tanks and and specs and capacities and obviously price tag you probably gonna want to know that at some point if you interested you can get all that your one click away all you have to do is click the link in the video description this says check for price and availability and that will whisk your way through the internet to our website where we have all that information published we like to make that very easily accessible for those who are interested but I try not to bore people with like just hard reading a spec sheet you know through these video tours so the pinnacle it is a true class above there a lot of things here you don typically find in the business it a lot of upgrade glitz glitter but it a lot of really sharp stuff