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so you have list almost going your list so super starting from the beginning so this one right here Nate mentioned is the most superior pectoralis major goes under underneath as well all right goes a little deeper all right so what most waist point underneath so there at the girls major as well what this one here so you can t weiqi old neck dough and you break it all together in secret did he bring else come all the way across right there okay I chose you break yellows Red Cross major picked another mission light PEC minor minor right different if you be Kimber and see your own around so zippy this my voice goes up cyclic process hey zippy around okay so those went to the chest so all the fibers external obliques bring that back right here once again following the fibers I said external these hands in the pockets controls the fibers goes off other way I suppose back up towards midline as opposed to down towards the midline I suppose just right here that internal a big girl Blake okay alright bring that one back this person I mean what really abdominis you