Madden 08 - PC vs. PS2 Emulation


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everyone this is some guy named Rob back with another quick little emulator video this is Madden NFL Oh 8 from EA Sports and we going to do comparison between the emulated version of this game from the ps2 and the native PC version and if you looking at the screen right now going oh my god this these emulated graphics with gorgeous actually this is the PC version and everything about it looks beautiful okay that kick doesn look beautiful that was a CPU screwing up but you know look at the side lines you have media with their cameras doing their little canned animations you got sort of the road cases like you would see on a broadcast you look at the top of the screen where you see the first and 10 very similar to what you would see on like a TV broadcast and you get some really nice camera angles I took a lot of the cutscenes and stuff between plays just in the interest of keeping the video moving along and also the match that I set up is completely mismatched for those of you who are looking at this going wow you put