Black Diamond Ultralight Ice Screws Preview


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Colin powers a category director with black diamond based out of Salt Lake City super psyched to introduce our new ultralight ice screws these screws are 45 lighter than our steel screws tried and trued longtime awesome black diamond express screws 45 lighter aluminum shaft steel tipped forged aluminum hanger and this really cool wire gate express lever the end of the day this is a super lightweight specialized piece of gear from ski mountaineering glacial travel to alpine climbing this is a really really rad new screw available fall of 2018 retails for 80 for 95 like I said 45 percent of the weight not really intended to be your everyday workhorse screw to replace the Express ice screw though for sure people are going to go ice climbing with this thing and again glacial travel ski mountaineering alpine climbing when weight really matters the ultralight screw is what you gonna be looking for you