Nokia 6700 classic Review


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meet the successor to the Nokia 63 mm one of the most successful models of the manufacturer to date this is the Nokia 6700 classic that comes in the same design language but looks more stylish and appealing to keep in line with modern times the phone is equipped with a five megapixel camera fast reaching and the new webkit based browser plus a GPS and accelerometer just like its predecessor the handset is made of high quality materials including metal and it feels as if you holding on the RT model when you have it in your hands a fine piece of workmanship indeed you can see it measures a really compact size although this doesn apply to its weight you have the distinct feeling it in your pocket while carrying around but being really thin it doesn make your pocket bulge out the phone supports a 2 2 inch TFT display with a resolution of 240 by 320 pixels and 16 million colors support images retain their vivid and saturated colors in artificial light conditions and the screen remains usable in direct sunlight as well the overall quality however simply cannot compare toward AMOLED devices deliver aside from