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there no replacement for the original Motorcraft parts are recommended by Ford Motor Company for use in your Powerstroke diesel engines motor craft parts of undergone extensive laboratory and on the road testing to ensure maximum performance and efficiency they feature exclusive patented designs specifically for your Ford Powerstroke diesel vehicle look at the motor craft 6 liter and 6 4 liter oil filter only with motor craft can you be sure your oil filter will fit and function properly it is engineered to fit properly in filter particles 20 microns or larger for comparison purposes a human hair is approximately 74 microns the motor craft FL 2016 oil filter fits both the six liter and 6 4 liter engines with a precision fit that results an optimal oil flow Motorcraft filters also perform additional functions other oil filters may not for example the motor craft oil filter engages and closes the oil drain valve to ensure all the oil enters the filtration path it also engages the bypass valve on top of the oil filter standpipe preventing engine oil starvation how does the competition stack up not well competitive filters often don get the job done in fact using