Terrapin Liquid Bliss, Review #22


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hi this is Tom J here for another installment of the king of craft beer reviews today we have Terrapins liquid bliss peanut butter chocolate porter Terrapin brewery is out of Athens Georgia we should be pretty interesting never tried a peanut butter chocolate porter before first time for everything so the beer advocate has this beer placed at 85 which is very good and rate beer has this at 94 overall and 96 in the style which is which is excellent so where we going to get this beer open I going to crack it and we going to get it into a glass my trusty google glass here there we go looks fairly dark expect that look for the abv on this beer is six point one percent and the RV user 23 so it not a huge beer but it not tiny either okay just pours out to finger head a nice tan head small bubbles a little rocky at the top it got nice carbonation clinging to the side of the glass let get it up to the light with this type of a glass I don see anything it looks it looks it it so