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port and in that some couple of years ago would bring to your mind the fusion the icon and all that you and I would know about it is that it is American a thought has had quite an important role to play in the automotive history great grandfather by Henry Ford and parenting some of the visionaries who actually want to change the fate of the company but when the world was hit by recession Ford had no option but to look East little let us know that his decision taken in state of helplessness would actually be a potential game changer for the company all thanks to this lady standing here you well 1 4 has given Figo a midlife facelift and in its name keeping ceremony if picked up the name Ram Kelly and why does it choose to call that let find out well human I like headlamps this white front grille foaming face of sorts red bulges are just right and also the choice of bright colors the blue and the yellow who but a human would have this fine sense of color and appearance and that is why the name Ron Carey is good