Repair Order Estimate Tutorial One


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alright this short tutorial is for the service advisors who are going to be adding the estimate forms that the customers are going to be seeing so process is really fairly easy but it probably would be helpful if you had a walkthrough so that the purpose of this tutorial here so to start with when you log in to the WordPress back end whether you are logging in from your from your laptop from your your tablet from your phone or if you using the app you will most likely if your if the app you probably won start at the dashboard but otherwise you would here default is to go to the dashboard or wherever you were the last time you were logged in so we going to start from the dashboard and you are going to be creating a new page so you go over to pages hover over that and then click add new the add new page is going to come up what I going to do is give it a title now you don want to give it a title with the same name as the RO number so I going to call this