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hey guys so I just filmed this entire video and I realized I had the settings wrong because I was just taking pictures of my little baby niece the other day and I was editing and I was like what is that happening in the background and it was like focusing a nun focusing in the background and I could even hear it going like making the little noise to focus so I just decided to refill this I have news I have big news and I know I done quite a few life updates for the time that I had my channel like a lot but I wanted to tell you guys something really exciting that we have been waiting to tell everybody we just finished telling our all of our media family so I finally ready to tell you guys and it coming really soon so the update is that we are moving again I know that we have moved pretty recently we move a lot if you know as well but the reason why this move is so exciting is because this is like our final move we moving to Texas and we moving there as like