The Bard's Tale - iPad 2 - HD Video Walkthrough - Part 1


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you you likely hear a new story well very well where shall we begin allows the bar to equip and use two handed weapons allows the bar to fight with a Dirk in one hand and a sword in the other allows the bar to equip and use a flail the bard will automatically back with his shield after blocking stunning his enemy a powerful charging attack which stuns enemies used with a sword skill a powerful ranged shot which passes through its target used with a ranged skill gives the bard a chance to score a critical hit on his enemies inflicting additional damage the bard gains bonus coins for any treasure he finds allows the bar to equip and used one man a poet and a road with no friends to speak of no one to mourn his passing should it come to that even those beside him and no more boon companions than bondservants summoned by sorcery and song as cold and indifferent to him as the light of a wanderings you make a mistake in coming here but no music we need to know where and to know that we got to be email Swift and