Junkyard Finds: General Yugo


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all right right here in Springfield Missouri on a rainy day come and check out buddy you pull when first up we got a you go name is a Yugo GV 1987 and at the full on race car because it has all the race stickers in memory of Dale Earnhardt yeah I sure Dale Earnhardt he lovely you goes and I got full on I don know if I just look all you want please don touch I want to know if this guy was serious or affects he was like yeah this is definitely a race you go he had to be joking right he went in a good amount of effort though he got a lot of stickers look at this interior practically brand new Bank seat Oh only got 82 000 miles on it no also transmission left so we were door panels are interesting I think it was carpeted yeah carpet at one time and all the carpets coming off the door handles are pretty cool Applause sweet fog light you