Wendy's bacon mozzarella burger (ON LOCATION REVIEW)


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a my Legion how y doing today I at the Denver what Enver Wendy I here to do their bacon mozzarella burger what this is is a burger on a brioche garlic fun with onions spring greens applewood smoked bacon mozzarella and they got garlic parmesan sauce and of course the burger underneath and the sandwich itself was four dollars and ninety nine cents let go ahead and try this out looks really good I love they put a lot of greens in luck i love veggies on my burger all right and could have put some tomato on there but i sorry let try it out one good taste and burger oh my god in case the martial law ever creamy Parmesan sauce inside the garlic sea lion taste a colleague from the buns have you can taste them the burger is nice and wallet done oh the bacon is hello with bacon Wow everything goes so well together there really a good quality sandwich and it could put some tomato on definitely drawback but everything works really well together I guess a full on 10 out of 10 and of course they got their french fries which is