Beer Review # 308 Green Flash Imperial IPA


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hey guys upgrade wasn great favorite news today Lucy was in free alright guys thank yourself about your ex peer review today today beer is green flash brewing imperial india pale ale this is a double it is an American double imperial IPA coming in at 9 4 i give you a bv 22 ounce bomber here so this is the big boy here not upon 40 so that going to be enough to get you there let get you started kick started anyway the Bears without green flash brewing out of California this is going to be a pretty good representation of the West Coast style IPA or double IPA food Franklin cuisines barbecue the cheeses of peppery moderating property I sharp blue all your stronger cheese Limburger gorgonzola the meat is game grilled meat all your spicier dishes red meat stews toes I would spice yourself and go well with this the last part of day we use a dube a few the snapper the tulip emphasize wine glass just poured it or something these kind of glasses uh enhance the aroma so that why we use these classes things you didn know go to Wi Fi eyes