Review Of The Off-Grid Knives Hawkeye Neck Knife


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hello its holder here today I want to go ahead and talk to you about this knife that I picked up by off grid knives called their Hawkeye neck knife I been testing this knife for approximately five weeks just stop putting it through its paces so I could give it a proper review and I pretty happy with my findings and with the results so let get into some detail on this Hawkeye neck knife this knife is a full tang knife as you can tell here it made of oz eight steel it has this black oxide stone wash type finish on it which is pretty cool difficult to pick up in this camera and the handle itself is a g10 handle which is nice it also comes with this Kydex sheath as well as about 3 feet of 550 cord paracord now the design on this knife certainly mimics a grommet not only the shape but also the finger holes and once again it one of those type of blades just like every other blade that you need to practice with to be able to become comfortable with so you could kind of have this reverse grip