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verse 11 or 10 new belt official test duration t Emma Sita treachery shantabai Kalina revenue Kapoor policeman Music Music ah here we are at bikini bottom and today we will be following my favorite creature SpongeBob SquarePants on his adventures around bikini bottom today he is in search of the best birthday present ever for his best friend Patrick the question is how far will he go for his best friend Gary I just had a great idea about what to get Patrick for his birthday oh you again just keep the noise down what do you want it my best friend Patrick birthday and a signed photo of his favorite superheroes would be the best thing ever well we are a bit busy right now no rest for superheroes well I know that Mermaid Man might consider signing one for a superhero snack yeah see nut butter tomatoes jelly like a calculator you can count on it Music hi Squidward ready for another great day together friend today Sunday spongebob forget that Krusty Krab hey moron why don you take your net and go waste somebody else time spongebob you silly old sponge try using your helmet Music