mac studio fix and studio sculpt comparison


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hey everybody so I just got back from seeing a movie today and um I thought I was singing in the car hey maybe I should do a tutorial on this well that actually not much of a tutorial it more of a side by side comparison because I always see um people making reviews of like different concealers you know they always doing like um I like a review you know of like a concealer but they never do like a comparison on side by side so I mean I see because all my face right now I have some blackheads on both sides so I just like why not do a comparison of two concealers I mean from the same brand um side by side on my face to see to show you guys which one you know would look better um because Allah I know a lot of people that use the mac studio sculpt studio finish concealer he so i mean i guessing you guys are wondering you know which one is best for you so I mean I thought I do a video I cell in side by side comparison so let me go wash