OOTD: Aviator Chic Look (Casual)


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hey guys whats up this is your girly on the bronze goddess and again i apologize for the lighting I in another bathroom dog um I just want to show you guys a quick outfit of the day I went to work today but today at my job is Friday so it casual Friday and I want to show you guys what i wore today this is kind of like i don know if it aviator off his motorcycle theme biker babe i not sure if it aviator of Micra theme but you could let me know um but yeah i going to show you guys what I rock for casual Friday first thing is an get I apologize for the lighting okay the first thing is um this jacket this jacket is the jacket that I showed you guys before it a brown faux leather jacket and that i got from ross it was 1999 I got him a couple of months ago and it a short cropped jacket like this and I got this shirt this kind of light tan shirt I got this shirt from walmart I didn show you guys is shirt in the hall because