Disney Tsum Tsum Vinyl Figure Series 2 Large 9 Packs Unboxing


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hey guys today we going to be opening the Zoom Zoom series to the vinyl thing you nine packs these two are the only series to nine max that I saw that I know of I pretty excited cuz look at little lady I know they don I really want them to make a teeny tiny lady I sure they will at some point but I don think they do yet because I haven seen her but maybe they do maybe I haven seen her but then there baby baby max and joy oh my goodness they just so cute I gonna go ahead on look at it I sorry they so cute anyway I gonna go ahead and get these open off camera and then we take a closer look and then we get to see who the mystery characters are inside as well okay for the first pack we have large poohbear he was in the series one that one thing I really disappointed about I thought all the series one ones we gonna be in serious one and they gonna discontinue him so I ran out and got all the series one once before series 2 came