Car News Weekly : 007 Skyfall Land Rover, Toyota EV Record, Maserati Levante, Nissan Juke-R


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hi I Yasmin Hussain and this is your weekly motoring news having already gone from one off concept to Road car they crazy 545 horsepower nissan juke r has now been digitally recreated to feature in a new mobile racing game asphalt 7 heat publisher gameloft partnered witness and to give fans a virtual drive of both the juke r and the Juke Nismo on their smartphones and tablets meanwhile back in the real world the very first road going jus car is ready for delivery a price depending on specification is in excess of 400 thousand pounds honda has announced that worldwide sales of its hybrid vehicles have just broken the 1 million mark the milestone was reached almost 13 years after sales of the first generation inside kupe began in Japan in November 1999 under has been enhancing its IMA hybrid system over the years and now sells 8 hybrid models in some 50 countries around the world including the recently revamped cr z kupe which made its debut at the 2012 paris motor show James Bond movie franchise is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the 23rd outing for agent double o seven in Skyfall VisitBritain has launched