Appia by Nuova Simonelli Overview - Best Commercial Single Group Heat Exchanger Machine


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my name Chris nocturia president of Chris coffee service in this video I going to explain why in my opinion the no ciminelli Apia is the best built as well as the best value commercial single group heat exchanger machine on the market today let me start with its versatility the appia runs on 110 volt 15 amp circuit if you want to use it for catering events you don need a 220 volt circuit you don even need 110 volt 20 amp circuit 15 amp hundred 10 volt is all you need you will never have to turn down a catering job because there is not an adequate power supply readily available the appia has a rotary pump and motor and must be connected to a water source when we use the appia at charity fundraising events we simply use a flow jet demand pump and 5 gallon bottled water no need to direct connect to a water source the drain hose we simply put into an empty five gallon water bottle now let me explain some of the features that make the app is such a great value the appia comes standard as tall cup what that means