BT Runner -Wireless headphones on a budget


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hello my friends welcome to another video today we are talking about a pair of wireless headphones these are called bt runner and the company that makes them is called ready to music this are these are cheap pair of wireless headphones if you on a budget they cost 50 euros you can check the pricing on their website and I have to say that for the price they good good pair of wireless headphones you get bluetooth 4 0 you also get NFC you get IP X 6 waterproofing certification you get 8 hours of audio playback and you also have a built in microphone to answer incoming calls what can I say these these headphones are made for people who go to the gym I don know who like to jog and I would say that for the price the big quality is excellent they made out of plastic they have this stabilizing rubber band but in terms of audio although the producer promises a lot of hype they are not the best at least not for me perhaps I used to my sennheiser products in terms of audio listening and that why I don really appreciate what