TIME FOR YOUR JOY PILLS - We Happy Few Time Capsule Unboxing


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tell your friends vidiots how many you got I got Oh one two about five how many of you I got two well you can have two of one of mine yeah one of mine will do three thank you friend share pills yes they do especially government mandated pills hi oh we starting with that look it a box it a fucking big box it a huge box I afraid we come to the end of our time snug as a wife you read the Box I thought you like on a drug giving a like a foresight of future impending doom no well maybe oh maybe Michael Johnson hello did you know that we happy few is out in but a few days the game which looks really cool and as a realized art style and I really excited for yes the video game published by gearbox nice oh nice enough to send us this big box you may notice that tiny Peters not here and that because he hasn been taking his happy joy joy pills mmm delicious it makes us feel just so compliant let have a look in the box oh no the microphones on