How to Use Track Changes in Word for Mac


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PROOFREADING SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE ONLY FOR KSU PSYCHOLOGY STUDENTS. If you use Windows, look for the other “Track Changes” video on this website. After emailing your paper to the KSU Psych Lab, KSU students will receive a “revised” copy in a return email. The “revised” file will contain changes and comments in the right margins. This video illustrates how to customize the settings so that you can most easily see what changes were made. This is also an excellent way for you to keep track of your own changes when working on your own or in a group. Begin by clicking on the Review tab in the Ribbon. The three box on the left are Comments, Tracking, and Changes. Turn the Tracking option on and off by sliding this button. Click on the arrow at the bottom right of the Tracking box. Notice that you can control which (and whose) revisions appear, individually or together. Click on Preferences to customize how revisions appear in your document. By default, Insertions and Deletions are set to the same color, but each reviewer’s revisions will be the same color. Because revisions usually include replacing words and punctuation, a more useful setting is to use different colors for all Insertions and for all Deletions.