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hi guys and today for kind of quick rambley type video for you I thought I just put this up now because it not going to be a real video and so it doesn really need to be included in my general video schedule so the main reason that I making this video is to ask you guys to ask me some questions in the comments down below and like I said before and I grown even more since then because of Melissa from the passion citizen but I gained quite a lot of subscribers since I started uploading regularly in September of this year and it amazing thank you all so much for subscribing so I feel so blinded right because I sitting in front of it quite clear a day outside even though it quite cold which means it actually colder than usual and it kind of reflecting off my glasses and I can really see anything it sorry if I look a bit blinded by the light I want you guys to just ask me any questions that you might be curious about and the likelihood is I have answered the majority of the questions that I