Matcha Green Smoothie


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hey guys so today I gonna be showing you my favorite summer green smoothie green smoothies are all the rage everybody loves them that so great to you but this one truly is it so balanced you got everything you need to start the day off right so we got avocado and coconut yogurt which is incredible and healthy fat I got banana great for potassium pre post workout I run Buster at my favorite radio so grateful grateful hanging around all the Vatican II but also just so grateful that plant based protein to start the day I keep you fed up a longer got the greens which we got spinach and kale you can mix it up to if you got something growing in a garden like charred great as well for this some matcha powder which is a natural caffeine it incredible to boost your antioxidant levels but also just wake you up and then we got some able to blend in so we just going to chuck it all in the blender you don need a fancy blender for that just any kind of Bandar plug it up smooth pour into glasses and you good to