Pigeon flying and racing: Brooklyn Review


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Brooklyn independent television pigeon flying and racing have been longtime traditions in Brooklyn and now the past times have entered the spotlight thanks to the Animal Planet new series taking on Tyson the doc you reality series finds former boxing heavyweight champ Mike Tyson returning to Brooklyn to pursue his childhood hobby racing pigeons now reporter Laura Moravsky discovers how the pigeon culture is more than just a hobby or a sport for a few passionate Brooklynites enemies in the sky friends on the street that the saying behind the pigeon flying culture which is very much alive and well in Brooklyn on a recent Sunday when I visited Broadway pigeons and pet supplies in bedford stuyvesant I went as the passion and camaraderie among the Brooklynites he fly pigeons off of their rooftops the regulars here spent hours swapping stories about their domesticated birds a lot of these gentlemen here they average 5 from 200 300 400 Birds I don want more on the rooftops in different areas maybe in this area for example you have a guy pigeon coop right over here and one here another one five ten blocks away and sprinkle like that these are not