Hercules Hot Tent (Review) 8-person: User Guide and Overview


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In this video, we're going to show you an unboxing and setup of the Hercules tent, which is a one-of-a-kind huge freestanding dome shaped hot tent. First thing we're gonna do is lay out the tent body. You'll see the extra guideline is included for storm conditions, next we'll do a preliminary stakeout and then we'll be snapping together, all six poles included. You'll find three gray poles and three black poles, at this stage it is recommended that you unzip doors and windows for easier access to the pole sleeves. First we'll be putting in the three black poles, while I did set this up alone it is recommended and much easier to do with the second person. Now the gray poles will go along this pathway over the doorway and down along the other side, for easy setup we've color-coded the trim of the pole sleeves, to match the color of the corresponding pole that goes inside of it. Before we finish setting up, we wanted to take a peek inside and show you what it's like as the floorless setup. You can see that there is a huge number of ceiling windows that zip open, also included is a stove jack panel, when not in use you can close it with a rain cover, that's included.