Jaguar X Type 3.0 2001 Review/Road Test/Test Drive


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this is a dreadful vehicle Jaguar sometimes get it right and they sometimes get it terribly terribly wrong this is a perfect example of things going wrong there is nothing good I can say about this car at all the steering is dreadful it like steering a boat it not responsive in any way at all look at that lag before I could even turn the wheels the car rocks up side to side and bounces up and down the boats dreadful the gearbox is absolutely awful no smooth transition at all it it like driving a 1 1 automatic fiestas horrendous the inside of this vehicle is tacky and and and lacking any taste at all it cheap its plastic the guide quality is terrible the brakes are terrible there absolutely nothing I can say about this vehicle that is complimentary in any way at all if you thinking about buying one of these go and take one for a test drive trust me five minutes in this car and you will never ever look at this particular model again