Mac Mini 2018 and Final Cut Pro X - Detailed Performance Demos


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Music hi I Landon this is lando 27 music and this is my follow up video to the one that I did recently on the Mac Mini 2018 and the performance can get from Final Cut Pro and exporting videos so in the last video I compared my 2014 model to the 2018 model that I just got the 2018 model is the i 5 with the 8 gigabytes of RAM it the one you can get in store without doing any customizations they also have a lower end I 3 so that the two models you can get if you change anything then you have to get it ordered I think and then wait so in the last video I had a lot of questions people asked me how the performance was in the timeline doing multicam I gonna demo all that kind of stuff in this one this is gonna be more in depth it gonna show different projects that I working on some will be in 1080p some will be in 4k different frame rates I gonna do different exports to different codecs and just you know basic stuff that I work on so I use Final