Exceed RC Maxstone 16 Unboxing video review


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hi I going to be doing an unboxing review of the max tone 16 crawler by exerc and sold by nitro RCX I already do the unboxing the other day when I receive with it and I recorded a video but it kind of ran out of time so I just read you another one so I already taken the crawl around I show you that in a little bit but I going to do the Box show you what you get inside so here the box timeline came just standard box and it exactly the same size of the box inside so it kind of a painting it out okay so here the box back stone I love you see this maximum 16 over old box you know it a it a cheap Chinese box as you see that the pictures kinda looks kind of weird weird discoloration in it this is like attached later on I don know that says it there and then also if you look it says the 16th scale ready to run unlimited class pock crawler set of rock this is pock they must have messed up in the printing see there there you