Norman Reedus a Dredfunn Mechanical Pencil Portrait


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this is a great fun original production enjoy hey guys dread fun here and it time for me to draw some walking dead yeah I had more requests to raw a drow raw walking dead than I had for transformers and many other things that I don particularly want to draw not that I don appreciate the comic book I like the comic book I read some of them and really enjoy it but never really been one for the TV show time is precious around the dread fun household and if it comes down to me spending time at the drawing board or watching a TV series usually the drawing board wins heck if it comes time for me to eat in the drawing board usually the drawing board when winds comes time unfortunately angry with the family the drawing board usually wins and usually unfortunately my back is facing the door Savoy and Club me and drag me off which is usually how they get me out of the house anyway so I draw Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon you can see this is a realistic pencil style I got an image off to the side of mr