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hey YouTube is Brittany today I doing a lipstick hall and today I going to tell you what all the good lipsticks are in which one you should get an x leave everything needs notes about that so you first lipstick we going to talk about in all my lipstick except for your gave them our Revlon you can buy them at walmart oppa enjoyed store and there between six to nine dollars on the first of succumbing to show you is the satin plum and pearl with super lustrous um line and this watch it has a pearl shine to it it going to release smooth and really moisturizing so you have to worry about you know it on the chapstick for users like that we off easier and you have to do that with this one it super lustrous so it super moisturizing next lipstick on the straight guys is what I excavating right now which is the Revlon cherry ice and this is from the color burst collection in the packaging is so pretty i love it and right now CBS had buy one get one half off so I got the first one for nine dollars