Review | FZ-09 MT-09 Puig Sport Windscreen


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so the Pew website mentions something along the lines of a 30 increase in wind deflection with this guy on you get a lot less pressure of actual wind force that they did tunnel testing on in your actual body and your actual head I don know how true that is but we gonna go ahead and install this guy and then I gonna give you my real water impressions of it now you guys know that I been riding naked bikes for years so it not that it really bothers me the wind but if this is something that can work and actually make my trip a little bit more enjoyable than hey let go ahead and try it on oh my god this is incredibly friendly loud all right testing the Pew windscreen oh my gosh like once you once you at the speed of 60 miles per hour the only over 6 feet it becomes incredibly incredibly loud I guess the pressure is relieved off my body but if the air is being diverted right to my face Oh God it is so loud it like taking your head and sticking it out of a car window