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hello i ashley young pga professional here at globalgolf com today we have the new forged wedges by callaway this is a great looking wedge that was designed by wedge guru Roger Cleveland let take a closer look at some of the features and benefits of these wedges at first glance from the address position you find a traditional looking wedge that very appealing to look at on the back of this wedge you see a muscle back design that moves the center of gravity a little bit higher anytime you raise the center of gravity on a wedge you get slightly lower ball flight with higher spin rates speaking of spin rates the fore edge features 21 tightly spaced screws which are slightly more than most wedges callaway believes that the more sharp edges on the face equates to more spin and control the blended c grind on the forged wedge enables you to have flexibility in a wedge allowing you to open up the face on any of the laws and play the type of shot that you desire I really like these 1024 carbon stone wedges from Callaway they have a tour inspired shape that features a