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hi my name is Matt Ricky I been a police officer for about 15 years now for a major orange county agency been assigned to the SWAT team as a assistant team leader for nine years also as a medic for seven years during that time I been fortunate enough to go to several medical classes and for the military classes currently teach a class for law enforcement on the T Triple C aspects over the course of teaching that class we run through multiple different pouches are the ones that we assigned to issued out one of the main things that I seen with that pouch news in size I know that with my kid I trying to be slim slim everything down so what I did is I took the attributes of all the different kits that I seen put it into one kit and been able to slim it down so your standard medical pouch like this is showing 1 for 3 4 inches especially when you put all the gear into it like this one fly cuts it in half about 2 inches by the time you get all the gear into it so this is