Bald Women: Emphasis is on your skin! Mica Beauty Cosmetics gives good face!


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hi guys this is the lady and yes it is time to remove the makeup all right so I put this on about nine hours ago and yeah okay so anyway I gonna take my water here and put it on a con round and go in and remove all of my makeup this is my favorite part of the day is the night time when I can take off my hair remove all of the makeup and all of that good stuff and get in my hot tub and soak this tired body you all right so there we go well now I gonna use my cleanser I gonna go in and use my cream cleanser oh and my goodness this stuff is so thick you guys okay it like like that okay and you just go and do your face a nice cleaning I was told to use we just add a little water I was told to use a cream because my skin is very dry and when you wearing a wig that you have to apply with some kind of adhesive like I do like I use the heath it can really dry around the forehead