Funko Pop Vinyl Reviews|Superman (Issue #1)|from DC Super Heroes [NYCC 2017 Exclusive]


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hello guys I pickles Parker and today I will be reviewing a Funko pop the are Superman issue 1 Funko pop from the DC Superior sign that is also a New York Comic Con exclusive in John yeah we have the box and it looks so pretty cool let get into it in more detail if the pop here so they go a DC Super logo I know one 5 so with the pop heroes logo on the cartoon Erised image of the Funko pop and Superman hashtag one and A two one five bubble on this Reno comic book background which is definitely my favorite background of the Funko pop boxes that I got so far poppers though go with a Superman hashtag one there with the cartoony eyes image off the head of the pop there with another two one private bubble and obviously the window displaying the side of the francophone as the poppers they going funky they go on a grey background with the cartoon right edge of the pop I done the bottom we have a ton of company information the front me of the cast to noise image of the pop there with a