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hi everyone so today I gonna be sharing with you my top mak neutral eyeshadows so let begin so the first shade is called soft brown this is a perfect staple transition color it helps blend out any sort of look you going to be going for and I just think it a staple in everybody collection the next color is quarry this is a very cool toned transition color it super super buttery and creamy and it has a slight purple undertone in it and I love it so much the next color is called Omega and I used this for my brows it perfect for people with blond or a light brown hair to fill in their eyebrows but it also another great transition color because it very neutral and it very very pigmented the next color is called hand written this is a very rich buttery deep brown color it not too cool toned or not too warm tone it just perfect for that outer V with a bronze or a kind of brown smokey eye this X color is called shale and it a very pale purpley gray color it beautiful in the crease or all